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The EBA is a group of small business owners  from the Englewood Station Arts District. These business owners get together monthly to plan the Art Walks and festival-type events, to work on beautification projects, and to discuss items that may affect us as business owners.

The Englewood Station Arts District is home to a variety of artists, galleries, salons, and working studios set in the historic buildings of what was once Kansas City's first suburban shopping district.


Everywhere you turn art abounds! Creativity is happening around every corner. We encourage you to come explore artist studios and watch while they work, or meet the artists themselves and discuss the creative process.

Browse through locally owned specialty shops located in historic 1940's buildings with exposed brick walls and inviting storefronts. You’ll find eclectic shopping adventures and a selection of one-of-a-kind items to take home. When you need a break, have lunch, dinner, or dessert at one of our local restaurants or diners!

Mission Statement

The EBA is organized exclusively for the purpose of promoting the general welfare and prosperity of the Englewood Station Arts District and surrounding neighborhood.

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