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The CID is a community tool that through retail sales tax (1.0%) within the CID boundaries , (Winner Rd, from Truman toChrysler Ave., will be collected for Community Improvements with in the district. Such as streets cape amenities, signage, banners, landscaping, public artwork, maintenance, among other improvements. Private improvements and Economic Development Activities which may include events, advertising, promotion and other activities.

February 11, 2020 a properly conducted Sales Tax Election by the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners, the Sales Tax was approved by qualified voters of the District and whereas, the District Sales Tax will now become effective on July 1, 2020.



In September of 2011, the City of Independence officially declared Englewood Station to be an "Arts District".

The ARTS district is a special purpose zoning classification that is intended to encourage the preservation and enhancement of the arts and related uses, and be an area for a variety of retail, business services, housing and office uses and to promote a strong pedestrian character and scale throughout the district through the use of consistent sidewalks, landscaping and business signage.

Arts District Zoning

Special Overlay Districts

In November of 2013, residents, the City of Independence, and Vireo (a planning and design firm) worked together to create a plan for drawing people to Englewood Station and circulating people within that District.

Englewood Arts District Circulation Plan

If you are a neighbor or resident of Independence and you would like to comment on some of the Englewood Station Arts District's various improvements, challenges, or problems, please go to our contact page to relay your comments to us.

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